Salmon at the Bay to Breakers

Welcome to the Home of the Salmon!

You’ve found us! We’re the fools who run the Breakers-to-Bay race each year, in our annual pilgrimage to spawn!

Coincidentally, a bunch of humans run the Bay-to-Breakers race on the same day along the same route, but sadly they run it backwards. You can’t spawn downstream kids, only upstream – get with the program!

Friends of the Rootless Forest

Recycling is important. That is why every year cacophonist make a special effort to recycle the trees that are scattered all over San Francisco.. Back to their core elements at the beach.  We feel we are here to speed up the natural order of thing, while also providing warming energy to the homeless and inebriated. All cause San Francisco Cacophony is green and cares about its most down trodden. Once a year.